» How did Peter the apostle die?

How did Peter the apostle die?

The Bible does not mention the death of Peter. Because of this, it appears that many of the books of the New Testament were written before his death.

There is reference to his death outside of the Bible. Historical accounts tell us that he was imprisoned, scourged, and executed. His execution was out of the ordinary, in that he was crucified upside down.

John Foxe, a sixteenth century minister and religious historian, describes it this way:

Having been nine months in prison, Peter was brought out for execution, and after being scourged, he was crucified with his head downwards. It is related that he himself chose this painful posture because he did not think he was worthy to suffer in the same manner as the Lord.

-Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

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chikele kanu on April 27, 2013 at 12:28 pm.

Why was peter die like that?


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